Piala Malaysia new rules

So, my first article is about one of the most prestigious cup in this country and the oldest tournament in Asia which is widely known as Piala Malaysia. 

For whom it may concern, the FA of Malaysia announced to make new rules for this cup starting next season. The rules including additional teams to this tournament and a “NO” to loan players from other clubs like they always done before.

I’m not always agree with the FA of Malaysia decisions in every aspect but this time, i strongly believe that they are making a right step to put this tournament in a higher reputation which they should make it 20 years ago.

The first thing that attract my attention when they announce the rules during Malaysia cup draw last Thursday is to increase the number of participants in this tournament. From 16 teams to 24 teams next year where all teams in Super League and Premier League next season will be automatically qualified.

Meaning that, this competition  will become bigger and can be a catalyst to attract new fans into this prestigious cup in this great football nation. Simple hypothesis. The more teams participated in a tournament, the more challenging it will be. The more fans coming to a competition, the more happening it will be.

For a team, the journey to the final stage will be much tougher and longer which will make the victory become as sweet as ever. Board, directors, coaches, players and fans will say “This is a cup that everybody wanted to achieve and be a part of it.”

Perhaps one day we can make more teams and Piala Malaysia will entertain us with 32 teams like UEFA Champions League and World Cup does. When it will happen? just wait for “you know who” to resign and more businessman to participate in our local football scene.


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